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All Of The Changes

WHEW! I can’t believe the last time I posted was July 16. The things that can happen in the matter of a half of a month…

I decided to forgo full time freelance work for awhile and accept a job with a really awesome company called Crowd Surf. I’m working to connect artists with their fans via social media and digital marketing. I work for/with some pretty awesome artists (Ellie Goulding is one of them, which I’m personally super pumped about), so it’s prettttty rad! If you haven’t checked out Crowd Surf, DO IT!


Some of you already know this, but I was asked to be the Music Editor of an INCREDIBLE website called You, Me, and Charlie. I’m really excited to be primarily bringing you new music via YM&C. I’ll still be posting here every once in awhile, but for more regular updates feel free to follow that little diddy too! Lots of incredible exclusives coming your way there. Best part? It’s re-launching TOMORROW. Get into it!

How could I leave you without some tunes? Here’s my favorite track of the new Passion Pit record. Get ready to trip out a little bit. This videos a doozy.

Happy Sunday!

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A Special Announcement from RP HQ

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated over here. It’s because…

Runaway Projects is MOVING!

It’s been a crazy two weeks. It’s been incredibly busy moving from our old HQ to the lovely neighborhood of Franklin Village in Hollywood. Between all of the moving and some really exciting new projects, I’ve been sadly neglecting my favorite place to post on the Internet.

The Runaway Projects Blog will be back as soon as the dust has settled and we’re all set up. Sit tight. :)


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Video // Strange Attractor

I discovered this gem on a blog this week and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The song is SO infectious. It’s an ear worm I’m pleased and happy to have. I’m so happy to bring you Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom band

Animal Kingdom (UK) aren’t new to the music scene. They released their first album in 2009, but I unfortunately hadn’t heard of them till this month. They released their latest LP “The Looking Away” on May 8. Their video for the infectious single I was talking about above is just as good as the song itself. Simple, unexpected, and the attention to detail (the reflection in his eyes? You’ll see) is incredible. Take a look, and make sure to buy their album on iTunes.

Happy Friday!

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Spinning // Reptar

I’ve got some fresh music to get your Monday started. This was my soundtrack to the weekend. Sunroof open, friends in the car, driving down Sunset all the way to the PCH, and right up to Malibu… THIS was the perfect soundtrack. I bring you REPTAR!

Named after that one dinosaur from the 90’s show Rugrats, Reptar absolutely kills it. They have a killer vibe. Don’t take my word for it. Take a listen for yourself! Their entire album, released on May 1, is streamable below. Just make sure to buy it on iTunes after you fall in love!

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Runaway Projects Presents // Dancing On My Own – Stevie Scott

So Stevie has released our latest collaboration with her. This was so much fun to work with Stevie on! It’s a cover of one of our favorite Robyn songs, Dancing On My Own. Stevie took the song and made it incredibly beautiful, and rather haunting. This version is bound to stick. Tin Tran directed this video, and it’s exactly as Stevie and I envisioned it. Take a look, and see the rest of Stevie Scott’s “Time & Time Again” series after the jump!

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I gave up solid food today.

This post isn’t about music. Well maybe a little. But mostly, this post is about a change I decided to make for myself. A straight up healthy change. I’ve been treating my body like hell, and as part of my New Years Resolutions, I’ve decided to start a three day cleanse with one of my best friends, Aimee. We bought the book The Three Day Cleanse by the creators of The Blueprint Cleanse. Here’s how it started!

More about the cleanse and music by The Head and The Heart after the jump!

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What. A. Weekend!

The past few days have been some for the books. Full of art, film, music, West Side drives, a little DIY photo-shoot, and delicious wine (a weekend can’t be a weekend without it!), I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in quite some time. Here’s a little peek at a few things that made me happy this weekend!

I FINALLY watched Hugo on Friday. While I was a little disappointed by the lack of robot (haha) use in the video, it was altogether something I’d absolutely watch again. And the score? Someone gimme the soundtrack! Absolutely perfect. The old French influences in the score really complimented the visuals. Martin Scorsese did it again!

The always solid Lady Danville released their new EP “Operating” a few weeks ago, and it was definitely on constant rotation this weekend. Their incredible harmonies and catchy lyrics bring me right into Springtime. Check out their video for “Better Side”, off the EP, above!

Photo courtesy of Claire Oring

I had the best time assisting Claire Oring on her collaborative photo-shoot for the ladies of You, Me, and Charlie this Sunday. Not too much can be said about it just yet, but check out and follow Claire’s Twitter here and you’ll be the first to know when the “art-etorial” will be released!

What did YOU do this weekend? Did you watch anything blog-worthy that I should know about? Commmmmment or @reply me and tell me all about it.

Happy Monday! x


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Thank YOU!

This blog has been such an incredible outlet for me to write about things that I love while I’m pursuing my dreams. As you all have noticed, that thing is music. Music is an outlet that every single person in this world can relate to. It’s something that everyone feels, and that everyone connects with. Whether it be memories at Coachella, or an on-repeat song on a road trip, music connects us all in ways that nothing else can. From Los Angeles to Berlin, from Hawaii to Australia, music will never fail to connect us.

The Runaway Projects blog has grown much bigger than I ever thought it would grow in only 3 months. Just as I’ve enjoyed sharing my musical journey with you, I hope you’ll continue reading and sharing your journeys with me. Thanks for giving me the courage and strength to continue sharing not only my journey but the most personal pieces of my being with you. I love you.


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Spinning // LP

Music Supervision is a powerful thing. It’s the visual radio of today. I actually read this quote recently that said something about music being so incredibly visual nowadays that it’s become a soundtrack to our life, not just a record or CD we pop in. It’s become a part of us and our being. We all remember the songs that we listened to when we moved far away from home for the first time (The Anthem – Phantom Planet) or the album that defined our summer (Local Natives – Gorilla Manor in 2009 was one of my FAVORITE summers and albums). It’s a part of our beings. It’s in our souls. THAT’S why I love music supervision.

Like I was saying, music supervision is a powerful thing. My favorite music supervisors often put some amazing bands in front of my eyes and ears. This week, I have music supervisor Marcy Bulkeley and a Citibank commercial  to thank for bringing me LP.

LP, an artist out of New York City transplanted to Los Angeles, has one of the most unique female voices I’ve heard in years. I’m completely obsessed with the sound of her voice and the passion behind it. Everything about her is riveting, from the way she dresses to the way she whistles (which, as a pro whistler myself, I have a strong respect for haha). See and hear LP sing “Into The Wild” below:

Told you. I knew she’d be your new favorite. BIG things to come from this girl in 2012, I hear it!

musically yours,


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