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Shows Of The Week: 6/11 – 6/18

There’s so many cool things happening in LA this week. Here’s where you can find me!

June 11 – JJAMZ at The Satellite: I first saw JJAMZ when they were opening up for Milo Greene at their own residency at famed Silver Lake enclave The Satellite. Now they’ve got their own June residency! Members hail from groups like Maroon 5, Rilo Kiley, Phantom Planet, and The Like, and they’ve come together to create a sound all of their own. Check out their video for Never Enough below!

June 14 – Phantom Planet at The Troubadour: No explanation necessary. It’s PHANTOM PLANET! It’s all sold out, but if you can snag tickets on Craigslist, DO IT!

June 15 – Japandroids at EchoPlex: If you haven’t heard these guys, you’re seriously missing out. I’m a FIEND for loud guitars and rough drums, and this band does it well. It’s two guys trying to sound like 10 guys. Take that as you will, and take a listen on Spotify to hear for yourself!

June 16 – Make Music Pasadena: It’s that time again! I had a great time last year, and this year is shaping up to be even better. If you haven’t heard of Make Music Pasadena, it’s SoCal’s biggest FREE music festival. This year, the lineup includes Grimes, Grouplove, Cults, Electric Guest, and So Many Wizards, amongst many others. Make the trek out there and be part of it! You can even take the train.

Where are you going to be at this week? Wherever it is, I hope it’s wonderful. Happy Monday!

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Spinning // Reptar

I’ve got some fresh music to get your Monday started. This was my soundtrack to the weekend. Sunroof open, friends in the car, driving down Sunset all the way to the PCH, and right up to Malibu… THIS was the perfect soundtrack. I bring you REPTAR!

Named after that one dinosaur from the 90’s show Rugrats, Reptar absolutely kills it. They have a killer vibe. Don’t take my word for it. Take a listen for yourself! Their entire album, released on May 1, is streamable below. Just make sure to buy it on iTunes after you fall in love!

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Runaway Projects Presents // Dancing On My Own – Stevie Scott

So Stevie has released our latest collaboration with her. This was so much fun to work with Stevie on! It’s a cover of one of our favorite Robyn songs, Dancing On My Own. Stevie took the song and made it incredibly beautiful, and rather haunting. This version is bound to stick. Tin Tran directed this video, and it’s exactly as Stevie and I envisioned it. Take a look, and see the rest of Stevie Scott’s “Time & Time Again” series after the jump!

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Spinning // Now, Now

There is SO MUCH good music happening right now. Today, I’m bringing you Now, Now.

The band Now, Now

Coming straight from the Midwest in Minnesota, this enthralling band has been recently touring with The Naked + Famous, and is set to hit the road with fun. this spring. Their newest album, Threads, was released March 6 and has been getting some major buzz in the blogosphere. This isn’t anything new to them, however, as they toured with Paramore when they were known as “Now, Now Every Children”. Threads brings a more mature sound, more mature lyrics, and a more mature audience. Enjoy!

FOR FANS OF: Death Cab For Cutie, The Joy Formidable, Eisely, The Naked + Famous

Here’s the link to Threads on Spotify: Now, Now – Threads


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Happy Saturday!

We’ve made it through another week. Here are some things that made me happy over the past seven days! All from my Instagram account. :)

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Aaand I’m Back To Eating Like a Normal Human Being

[delicious looking black bean salad]

Good news! I made it three days without any solid foods. How do I feel? To be quite honest, the same. Don’t get me wrong, and I don’t want to knock The Blueprint Cleanse, but I feel the exact same as I did 5 days ago. I waited for two days to see if after the introduction to solid foods I felt any better, but I didn’t really. More clearheaded, perhaps, but that might also be due to the cloudy weather that always leaves me feeling inspired and clearheaded.

However, I kicked the habits I wanted to kick. I DO feel like I don’t want to eat bad foods. I just went to Trader Joes and have never left with healthier foods. I suppose thats really good!

More about the cleanse plus music from Niki + The Dove after the jump!

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What. A. Weekend!

The past few days have been some for the books. Full of art, film, music, West Side drives, a little DIY photo-shoot, and delicious wine (a weekend can’t be a weekend without it!), I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in quite some time. Here’s a little peek at a few things that made me happy this weekend!

I FINALLY watched Hugo on Friday. While I was a little disappointed by the lack of robot (haha) use in the video, it was altogether something I’d absolutely watch again. And the score? Someone gimme the soundtrack! Absolutely perfect. The old French influences in the score really complimented the visuals. Martin Scorsese did it again!

The always solid Lady Danville released their new EP “Operating” a few weeks ago, and it was definitely on constant rotation this weekend. Their incredible harmonies and catchy lyrics bring me right into Springtime. Check out their video for “Better Side”, off the EP, above!

Photo courtesy of Claire Oring

I had the best time assisting Claire Oring on her collaborative photo-shoot for the ladies of You, Me, and Charlie this Sunday. Not too much can be said about it just yet, but check out and follow Claire’s Twitter here and you’ll be the first to know when the “art-etorial” will be released!

What did YOU do this weekend? Did you watch anything blog-worthy that I should know about? Commmmmment or @reply me and tell me all about it.

Happy Monday! x


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Watch and Listen – Bon Iver at AIR Studios

This is why Bon Iver has been unstoppable lately. It’s not about his actions or his words. It all comes down to his music.

In an age where ridiculous space costumes and autotuned vocals are the norm, its incredibly refreshing to see an artist like Justin Vernon come to light. I’ve been listening to his band, Bon Iver, for years now. It was his music that helped me get through my first month of living in Los Angeles, when I was missing my friends and my life in New Mexico. I was nervous and terrified, but this inspired me. No autotune. No costumes. No elaborate light shows and gimmicks. It’s artists like this who are the future of the music industry. Bon Iver is one of the first. If you’ve got half an hour, watch and listen to his newest and rawest live session I’ve seen yet. Justin collaborates with Sean Carey to create something beautiful and memorable. Enjoy, friends. x


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Spinning // Liv Tyler – Need You Tonight for Givenchy

This is really cool. Check out this music video of the legendary song by INXS covered by Liv Tyler for Givenchy.

I love when brands incorporate music heavily into their ad campaigns. Givenchy took it to a completely different level by creating an entire music video and cover song. Supervised by High Bias, the video was released on February 13. Dark, edgy, incredible cover, beautiful model… I’d call it a successful campaign.

What other brands always boast an incredible soundtrack (or just an amazing music supervisor…)?


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Spinning // The Oh Hello’s

Its somewhat rare that I really get into a folk-rock group. To be honest, I tend to find a lot of folk-rock to be too similar sounding to really interest me and grab me musically. Today, I just so happened to click the big “Play” button on a friends Facebook page. Introducing The Oh Hello’s.

The Oh Hello’s are a brother/sister group out of Texas. They cite influences like “The Civil Wars” and “Mumford and Sons”, but I even hear a little William Fitzsimmons in their lyrics and style. However, their intertwining vocals are absolutely reminiscent of The Civil Wars. Beautiful and a little haunting at times, their music is the perfect soundtrack to a cloudy day like today.

You can find their album on their BandCamp profile. It’s “Name Your Price”, so don’t forget to give these musical wonders a bit of your change as well as your time.

My favorite track is “Trees”.

What are you listening to today? It’s supposed to be rainy in LA this week, so send me your favorite rainy day tunes.


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