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All Of The Changes

WHEW! I can’t believe the last time I posted was July 16. The things that can happen in the matter of a half of a month…

I decided to forgo full time freelance work for awhile and accept a job with a really awesome company called Crowd Surf. I’m working to connect artists with their fans via social media and digital marketing. I work for/with some pretty awesome artists (Ellie Goulding is one of them, which I’m personally super pumped about), so it’s prettttty rad! If you haven’t checked out Crowd Surf, DO IT!


Some of you already know this, but I was asked to be the Music Editor of an INCREDIBLE website called You, Me, and Charlie. I’m really excited to be primarily bringing you new music via YM&C. I’ll still be posting here every once in awhile, but for more regular updates feel free to follow that little diddy too! Lots of incredible exclusives coming your way there. Best part? It’s re-launching TOMORROW. Get into it!

How could I leave you without some tunes? Here’s my favorite track of the new Passion Pit record. Get ready to trip out a little bit. This videos a doozy.

Happy Sunday!

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A Special Announcement from RP HQ

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated over here. It’s because…

Runaway Projects is MOVING!

It’s been a crazy two weeks. It’s been incredibly busy moving from our old HQ to the lovely neighborhood of Franklin Village in Hollywood. Between all of the moving and some really exciting new projects, I’ve been sadly neglecting my favorite place to post on the Internet.

The Runaway Projects Blog will be back as soon as the dust has settled and we’re all set up. Sit tight. :)


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RP HQ: What’s Been Happening

It’s been a busy month over here at Runaway Projects, hence the lack of posts. I’m really excited about some REALLY awesome collaborations in the works! Chelsea, Trent, and I will be heading out to shoot an awesome exclusive for You, Me, and Charlie next week, and I’ve got some other little secret things with other brands in the works. You’ll hear alllll about it here first. :)

I’m also excited to announce a few weekly columns on the Runaway Projects blog. Along with sharing my favorite music weekly, I’ll be creating monthly playlists for you to hear via Spotify that include some of my favorite songs I’ve been discovering or rediscovering. I’ll be posting my favorite music video of the week every Friday, giving away some free downloads weekly, and just creating more original content overall. I’m excited to be adding a few new contributors to the blog, but you’ll hear more about that later. If time permits, you’ll also see RP getting a graphic facelift!

With change brings great things and wonderful opportunities. I’ve been meeting the most WONDERFUL people lately, and I’m really excited to share and create more music and art with you on the Runaway Projects blog. As always, if you’re interested in collaborating, feel free to e-mail me directly at

Happy Summer!


Runaway Projects Presents // Dancing On My Own – Stevie Scott

So Stevie has released our latest collaboration with her. This was so much fun to work with Stevie on! It’s a cover of one of our favorite Robyn songs, Dancing On My Own. Stevie took the song and made it incredibly beautiful, and rather haunting. This version is bound to stick. Tin Tran directed this video, and it’s exactly as Stevie and I envisioned it. Take a look, and see the rest of Stevie Scott’s “Time & Time Again” series after the jump!

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Music + Media = Lots of Amazing Music Videos

Woah! Has it really been eight days since I posted last? It’s been a busy week, but I’m back with something fun I discovered today from You, Me, And Charlie, a really awesome blog I’ve been thoroughly enjoying.

I’ve been really digging Imagine Dragons lately, and when I saw this acoustic video, I was even more impressed by their music than I had been before. I was even MORE impressed by the awesome video produced by The Occidental Saloon!

All of the videos by The Occidental Saloon are really incredible. Here are a few more of my favorites:

See what I mean? How cool are these videos? And speaking of cool videos…

We just released another amazing video for Stevie Scott! Directed by the incredible Claire Oring, the video takes viewers through the stars, from a simple meadow to the vast universe in Claire Oring‘s beautiful stop-motion style. Enjoy Stevie’s cover of Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed.

Thanks for reading and watching. I hope you were inspired by these videos to create something of your own today. If you were, share it with me via twitter! @spencerrjames.



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Runaway Projects Presents // Stevie Scott – Rolling In The Deep

Back in January, I mentioned I was working with an artist on some really fun things. We’ve worked and worked, and I’m excited to show you one out of six final projects. Check out Stevie Scott covering Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”!

I helped produce and was the creative director for the video.

SPECIAL thanks go to Tim Barsten of Sola Fide Entertainment (live sound recording), Nick Borges (our amazing director), Jose Aguire (cinematography), Kris Karlsson (guitar and vocals), and Corey Coverstone (cajon) for all of their incredible help and hard work.

I look forward to sharing the next song and video with you VERY soon!



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