Event // Eat | See | Hear

My summer happiness will never end. I know in LA it seems like we live in an eternal summer, but its towards the end of May that ALL of the things start happening. I’m SUPER excited about this new event I just found out about. It’s sponsored by Fandango, and it’s called Eat|See|Hear.

Santa Monica Events

This event is all about the senses. Each Saturday, Fandango pulls together the best food trucks, movies, AND musicians and creates a huge night out of it. And it’s never in one place. It’s a big, traveling, gypsy style trifecta of fun. It kicks off THIS SATURDAY in Santa Monica with the movie Anchorman and local LA favoriteĀ Islands. Check out their rad music video below:

This Saturday, they’re playing one of my favorite comedies, Anchorman. It’ll be a night of laughs and movie quotes! Admission is $10, or you can get VIP style seating for $20. Check out more about the event here.

Are there any other fun summer style events I should know about or feature here? @reply me and tell me about a good one!


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