RP HQ: What’s Been Happening

It’s been a busy month over here at Runaway Projects, hence the lack of posts. I’m really excited about some REALLY awesome collaborations in the works! Chelsea, Trent, and I will be heading out to shoot an awesome exclusive for You, Me, and Charlie next week, and I’ve got some other little secret things with other brands in the works. You’ll hear alllll about it here first. :)

I’m also excited to announce a few weekly columns on the Runaway Projects blog. Along with sharing my favorite music weekly, I’ll be creating monthly playlists for you to hear via Spotify that include some of my favorite songs I’ve been discovering or rediscovering. I’ll be posting my favorite music video of the week every Friday, giving away some free downloads weekly, and just creating more original content overall. I’m excited to be adding a few new contributors to the blog, but you’ll hear more about that later. If time permits, you’ll also see RP getting a graphic facelift!

With change brings great things and wonderful opportunities. I’ve been meeting the most WONDERFUL people lately, and I’m really excited to share and create more music and art with you on the Runaway Projects blog. As always, if you’re interested in collaborating, feel free to e-mail me directly at spencer@runwayprojects.com.

Happy Summer!



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