I gave up solid food today.

This post isn’t about music. Well maybe a little. But mostly, this post is about a change I decided to make for myself. A straight up healthy change. I’ve been treating my body like hell, and as part of my New Years Resolutions, I’ve decided to start a three day cleanse with one of my best friends, Aimee. We bought the book The Three Day Cleanse by the creators of The Blueprint Cleanse. Here’s how it started!

More about the cleanse and music by The Head and The Heart after the jump!

We started the process off by going shopping at our local Ralphs. We obviously needed to finish our last night of eating right, hence the bottle of champagne, but other than that our cart was filled to the brim with healthy fruits and veggies. We prepared a few of our first day  juices last night so we’d have them ready to go today. You’re only allowed 6 juices per day, so we chose our favorites from the book ahead of time. Rockin’.

Then, we juiced. Juicing was actually the easiest part of the whole process, and was really sort of cool. We combined stuff like beets, apples, kale, ginger, and lots of other things together to create the juices. We’ll do this for an hour or so each night so we have juices ready for the next day.

This was me and my first juice of the day. The book recommends you start with a green juice, so I just followed along and did it. Considering I didn’t prepare AT ALL (I mean, come on. I had a bottle of champagne the night before), I figured I should follow the directions and stay between the lines for this one.

Why am I doing this? I said I wanted a healthier me, and I’m taking steps to make it happen. I’m hoping this cleanse will eliminate my nasty smoking habit (I know, I know. I didn’t even  want to say I had one, but I’m hoping by putting it out into the Universe I’ll stick with it). So not only am I stopping the intake of solid foods, I’ve also completely axed smoking and caffeine from my life. I’ll definitely go back to coffee, though. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. A good cup of coffee makes Spencer a happy boy…

And there’s the lightheadedness coming on. I’m rambling. I’ll let you know what happens!

And for a little music… Check out one of my favorite recently discovered artists, The Head And The Heart. Their chill tunes will definitely help me make it through this!

Have you ever done a cleanse? What are some tips to keep me from caving and eating a veggie burger tonight?! Reply me on Twitter (@spencerrjames) and let me know!

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