Watch and Listen – Bon Iver at AIR Studios

This is why Bon Iver has been unstoppable lately. It’s not about his actions or his words. It all comes down to his music.

In an age where ridiculous space costumes and autotuned vocals are the norm, its incredibly refreshing to see an artist like Justin Vernon come to light. I’ve been listening to his band, Bon Iver, for years now. It was his music that helped me get through my first month of living in Los Angeles, when I was missing my friends and my life in New Mexico. I was nervous and terrified, but this inspired me. No autotune. No costumes. No elaborate light shows and gimmicks. It’s artists like this who are the future of the music industry. Bon Iver is one of the first. If you’ve got half an hour, watch and listen to his newest and rawest live session I’ve seen yet. Justin collaborates with Sean Carey to create something beautiful and memorable. Enjoy, friends. x


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