Spinning // LP

Music Supervision is a powerful thing. It’s the visual radio of today. I actually read this quote recently that said something about music being so incredibly visual nowadays that it’s become a soundtrack to our life, not just a record or CD we pop in. It’s become a part of us and our being. We all remember the songs that we listened to when we moved far away from home for the first time (The Anthem – Phantom Planet) or the album that defined our summer (Local Natives – Gorilla Manor in 2009 was one of my FAVORITE summers and albums). It’s a part of our beings. It’s in our souls. THAT’S why I love music supervision.

Like I was saying, music supervision is a powerful thing. My favorite music supervisors often put some amazing bands in front of my eyes and ears. This week, I have music supervisor Marcy Bulkeley and a Citibank commercial  to thank for bringing me LP.

LP, an artist out of New York City transplanted to Los Angeles, has one of the most unique female voices I’ve heard in years. I’m completely obsessed with the sound of her voice and the passion behind it. Everything about her is riveting, from the way she dresses to the way she whistles (which, as a pro whistler myself, I have a strong respect for haha). See and hear LP sing “Into The Wild” below:

Told you. I knew she’d be your new favorite. BIG things to come from this girl in 2012, I hear it!

musically yours,


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