After Hours // Beacher’s Madhouse

I didn’t really know what to expect when my friends told me they were headed to Beacher’s Madhouse at The Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday night. Seeing as how we got a late start (it was midnight when we were figuring things out), I wasn’t sure if we were even going to get in. Yes, our friends were already inside and yes, we knew the promoter, but it was an hour and a half till closing time and we were sure it was at capacity. After luckily only waiting in line for a few minutes, we made our way inside through a hidden door carved out of a bookshelf and into a small hallway lined with antique mirrors. That’s when the madness began.

Beacher’s Madhouse is a club (can I even call it that? It’s more of an event if anything) that I’ve never quite experienced before. Think of the circus you went to as a child and then transform it into something more dark and twisted; THATS Beacher’s. Midgets, costumed Sesame Street characters, and gorgeous go-go girls paraded around while entertainers like Pop Shop (a cross dressing pop cover band) and 200 pound S&M-esque madame serenade you from stage. In between sets, the DJ played popular jams AND hair metal hits, giving the club just the kind of edge I like as far as the music goes. It was small (just three thousand square feet) and PACKED, only giving a little more of a crazy feel to the evening.

I left a litttttle tipsy and not so excited to make my walk back home, although I only live a block away. I suppose that is the one convenient thing of having the Roosevelt Hotel as my “backyard”.

Next time, I’m arriving early to catch more of Jeff Beacher’s madness. If you’re a Los Angeles resident, I recommend making the trip to Beacher’s Madhouse before the club closes its secret doors to the public and becomes a members only theatre in February!

Do you have any speakeasy-esque places that you frequent in your city? Los Angeles is full of them!



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