Post Project Blues

Do any of you freelancers out there ever get the “post project blues”? I’m certainly having that feeling right now…

Post Project Blues: The bittersweet feeling you get after the completion of an amazing project is finished. The longing to go back and do it all over again, yet the happiness it’s over and done well.

While on the hunt for my next project (HIRE ME!), I’m getting inspiration for my own projects and things I want to do with my career. While I’m finishing the six-part music video series and working on my ongoing blogging project for The Los Angeles Real Estate Voice, I’m ready to sink my teeth into writing, producing, and maybe even directing my first ever short film. I had an idea while I was in the shower 4 years ago, and I think I’m ready to begin the process of making it a reality! Here are the things I’m looking at and listening to that are inspiring this very project right now:

And being an occasional music supervisor and all, I couldn’t help but make a small (it’s only 5 songs!) Spotify playlist of musical musings for this project… for now. You can listen here: Musical Musings

It’s obviously a summer inspired piece. I can’t wait to see it come to life!

What do YOU do when you’re incredibly bored out of your mind and in between projects? Help me beat these post project blues!


all photos courtesy of thats all i can say  


One thought on “Post Project Blues

  1. *very nice post, i definitely love this website, keep on it

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