The Past: 2011

Oh, what a year it has been. 2011 was full of surprises for me. From starting the year off with a bang in New York City to right now, sitting at my table in my Hollywood apartment, I have a lot to write about. I’ll spare you the details, though, and keep most of those for me in my head. Some of the best things are meant to be kept to yourself, or so they say. Who is they, anyway?

Off topic. Anyway, this year was a year of…well… it was a year. A whole lot of change, but some stagnant pieces. I started the year still in school at The Musicians Institute where I was studying music business. I was still working as an assistant for JP, a wonderful woman who I learned so much about life and owning a business from. A few months later, things changed. I graduated from school and started the month long process. of finding a job in the music industry. This just in: The music industry is in the shitter. It’s so fucked right now. It’s incredibly hard to make any money right now, and I would hate to sell out and work in a type of music I despise just for a paycheck. Needless to say, I never accepted a job and instead decided to pursue music independently.

I just sort of just drifted along until August. Thats when everything started changing.

I went to a party for a good friend of mine where I met quite a few amazing people. A really respectable agent in the fashion industry (who, although we keep in close contact, i have yet to work for… yet being the keyword) and an amazing interior designer. Feeling a need for change (and after a very harsh talk with my best friend Jay) I took an independently contracted job with K, the interior designer as her creative assistant.

Just a quick note… sorry about all the first letter names… In such a personal blog, I’m not sure if they’d want their names and businesses and the like to be included, being in the businesses and circles they play in.

ANYWAY! I took the job. We worked for an amazing yet perfectionist billionaire client, and I have to say it was the most amazing and stressful 4 months of my existence. I worked my ass off like I never have before, but it was well worth it. We took what apparently should have been a year long project and smashed it into only 4 months. I didn’t know anything about design or interiors and I learned how to appreciate the art. The entire job really opened my eyes to a whole different world I hadn’t seen yet, and definitely changed the way I do business and the way I create now.

In the middle of all of this, I also snagged a client that I’ve been doing creative consultation and content curation for. I write and curate content for her portion of one of the biggest Los Angeles Real Estate and Lifestyle blogs on the web. I LOVE writing, so that’s been really fun.

In June, I also took a chance and e-mailed a musician I had heard briefly on Reverb Nation. We finally spoke later in August, and have been working together ever since. You’ll see tons more about this musician later, but she’s been amazing to work with. We’ve SO CLOSE to finishing a 6 song and music video collection that we’ve been collaborating on, and I can’t wait for the world to see it. She’s really great, and I truly believe in her and her talents. It’s going to be an exciting year for SS!

And just like that, with my 3 crazy experiences underway and after almost reaching a point of utter exhaustion, it was over. With one MASSIVE party at the Brentwood Estate I had been working on for months, the project was over. I’ve been taking a little bit of time to myself since. When I look back upon 2011, I suppose I can say that it was a year of progress. I think everything I’ve done in 2011 was in preparation for 2012. All of the things that I’ve learned and the way that my life moved, both personally (which I haven’t even touched here… some things are better kept in your memories, remember?) and career wise have been so I would be ready for the next year.

And now what? What’s next for me in 2012? I figured this would be along one, so I’m separating it into two parts. Wait a day or two to see my future. I’m still writing it as you read. We all write our own futures, you know. I can’t wait to share mine with you.



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