In My Head: 2011 Music Playlist

Instead of doing the rather generic “Top Albums” post, I wanted to do something a little more simple and, to me, a little more meaningful. Instead of grouping artists and albums together into these calculated “Top” lists, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite artists and songs of 2011, no pressure or suspense. In no particular order, these songs and artists have some of my top plays in iTunes and I found a personal connection to each song and album on this list over the past year. Most (with the exception of ‘Blood’) of these songs were released in 2011. So here’s my gift to you, a personal digital mix tape from me. Just click the image below to hear the mix on Spotify. Your ears will thank you! :) Without further ado…

What are some of the songs that impacted your brain in 2011? Let me know what you think!




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