The Beginning.

Starting is one of the most confusing things. It’s actually the only thing I hate about writing. I hate starting. I never know how I want things to be or sound, because the start is, you know, how you define a piece of work. People should be interested in a few minutes or less. So I sit and I sit and I think about how I want to be perceived by people I don’t even know. Okay, maybe a few people I know. But not a ton. Or maybe. Who knows, really.

It’s the start thats the confusing part. It’s that defining moment when you say “HI WORLD! Here this is! Completely open and ready for you rip apart and any moment! Come one come all!”. This isn’t only in writing, though. It’s in life. And who you are.

You see, I just finished this super high pressure long term project. I tend to got lost in these things. This project was no exception. I got completely engrossed and now that it’s done I’m having a hard time starting over with myself. Don’t get me wrong, the project came out AMAZINGLY, and you can expect to see pictures of EVERYTHING here (as soon as they’re published, of course) and I’m incredibly proud of what our team worked on. But, I’m having a bit of trouble finding my footing again.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that starting is the hard thing. Starting over, or starting a new project, a diet… anything. That’s the hardest part. But we just have to start. We have to go and do and find ourselves again.

And now this got completely away from where I wanted it to go. Completely. I’m talking off it’s damn rocker. I wanted to talk about starting this blog and how much it meant to my company and me and how I wanted to share everything that I love with you in a more cohesive and elaborate way. And trust me, this blog will be FULL of that. Music and videos and film and art and design will run throughout the archives like nobodies business. But, it’ll still be me. I want to record this process of creating a life. For me. One of the most interesting things that someone can do is create their own life. Life IS art. And I’m ready to paint this canvas completely white and start all over.

It’s sort of nice hitting this “refresh” button. It feels good. Really good actually. And now that I’ve written this out I actually feel a lot better about where I am. And I hope by putting myself out there and sharing all of this, you’ll help me through this new journey of a new business and a new creative life and fresh canvas. And maybe (and I want this more than anything) you’ll find a few things you love along the way.

Hi, I’m Spencer, and this is the Runaway Projects Blog. Hope you’ll stay with me. I love you already. x


2 thoughts on “The Beginning.

  1. Dominic Lawrence says:

    I wake up every morning & go to bed every night with a fresh white canvas. I’m not sure if someone does it for me or if I do it myself. I choose not to remember.
    I’m happy with my blank canvas in the morning because I can simple paint any picture for the day to come…or just leave it blank because I don’t want to deal with the day. My favorite is going to bed with my blank canvas because when I sleep I can dream and when I dream I can paint pictures of how I want my real life to be.
    No one ever said art had to consist of anything, you make it your own. While you’re hitting the “refresh” button, I’ll be hitting the “snooze.”
    I enjoyed your blog. Keep on dreaming & I’ll keep on reading.

  2. Ginny says:

    I enjoy your creativity and am inspired by your passion for all that you do. So excited for your blog! Our talks about life, music, and the pursuit of happiness are some of my most treasured conversations. Cannot wait to see what other great things come from your blog.

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