All Of The Changes

WHEW! I can’t believe the last time I posted was July 16. The things that can happen in the matter of a half of a month…

I decided to forgo full time freelance work for awhile and accept a job with a really awesome company called Crowd Surf. I’m working to connect artists with their fans via social media and digital marketing. I work for/with some pretty awesome artists (Ellie Goulding is one of them, which I’m personally super pumped about), so it’s prettttty rad! If you haven’t checked out Crowd Surf, DO IT!


Some of you already know this, but I was asked to be the Music Editor of an INCREDIBLE website called You, Me, and Charlie. I’m really excited to be primarily bringing you new music via YM&C. I’ll still be posting here every once in awhile, but for more regular updates feel free to follow that little diddy too! Lots of incredible exclusives coming your way there. Best part? It’s re-launching TOMORROW. Get into it!

How could I leave you without some tunes? Here’s my favorite track of the new Passion Pit record. Get ready to trip out a little bit. This videos a doozy.

Happy Sunday!

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Spinning // The xx – Angels

I don’t think any words are needed. I’ll the track speak for itself. Here for your listening pleasure is the opening track off The xx’s new album. Coexist drops September 11th in the US. Enjoy! A happy Monday indeed.

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Spinning // The Royal Concept

Now THIS is catchy.

… And I know. They sound very similar to Phoenix. I hear it too. It’s in the guitar riffs and definitely in the vocals. Even the rhythmic patterns of the lyrics. These guys were definitely influenced by one of my favorite bands, which is probably why I absolutely love them.

While we’re waiting for some new Phoenix jams, The Royal Concept will DEFINITELY do. Check out Gimme Twice below!

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RP HQ’s Independence Day Playlist

I’m getting ready to take a road trip with my friend Nicole to San Diego. We’re heading down tonight, spending the 4th at a BBQ and by the pool, and spending some quality time hanging with her family and a few friends. It’s going to be a much needed getaway from Los Angeles. I couldn’t leave without making a playlist! These songs all somehow remind me of youth, independence, love, and good times with good friends. Enjoy on Spotify.


A Special Announcement from RP HQ

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated over here. It’s because…

Runaway Projects is MOVING!

It’s been a crazy two weeks. It’s been incredibly busy moving from our old HQ to the lovely neighborhood of Franklin Village in Hollywood. Between all of the moving and some really exciting new projects, I’ve been sadly neglecting my favorite place to post on the Internet.

The Runaway Projects Blog will be back as soon as the dust has settled and we’re all set up. Sit tight. :)


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I’ve been a fan of Beach House since “Norway”. When that song came out, it became a part of the soundtrack to my summer. Just loved it. Anyway, since then, I’ve been a big fan. This video came out last week, but I’m still loving it. It’s my FAVORITE song off of their new album, and the video is a little trippy and really awesome. Take a look!

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Placements // The Perks of Being a Wallflower Trailer

So, remember when I posted about It’s Time by Imagine Dragons a few months ago? Well I just saw the new trailer for The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I was SO excited to hear the song used in the trailer. And what a KILLER way to place it too! I’m not sure who was responsible for the placement in the trailer, but it was a job well done. You can check out the trailer and the song placement below, and you can see the movie when it’s released nationwide on September 14.

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Shows Of The Week: 6/11 – 6/18

There’s so many cool things happening in LA this week. Here’s where you can find me!

June 11 – JJAMZ at The Satellite: I first saw JJAMZ when they were opening up for Milo Greene at their own residency at famed Silver Lake enclave The Satellite. Now they’ve got their own June residency! Members hail from groups like Maroon 5, Rilo Kiley, Phantom Planet, and The Like, and they’ve come together to create a sound all of their own. Check out their video for Never Enough below!

June 14 – Phantom Planet at The Troubadour: No explanation necessary. It’s PHANTOM PLANET! It’s all sold out, but if you can snag tickets on Craigslist, DO IT!

June 15 – Japandroids at EchoPlex: If you haven’t heard these guys, you’re seriously missing out. I’m a FIEND for loud guitars and rough drums, and this band does it well. It’s two guys trying to sound like 10 guys. Take that as you will, and take a listen on Spotify to hear for yourself!

June 16 – Make Music Pasadena: It’s that time again! I had a great time last year, and this year is shaping up to be even better. If you haven’t heard of Make Music Pasadena, it’s SoCal’s biggest FREE music festival. This year, the lineup includes Grimes, Grouplove, Cults, Electric Guest, and So Many Wizards, amongst many others. Make the trek out there and be part of it! You can even take the train.

Where are you going to be at this week? Wherever it is, I hope it’s wonderful. Happy Monday!

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Video // Cameras – June

Happy Friday! Pretty obsessed with this song right now. The lyrics are haunting (as are the vocals) and, although simple, it’s quite the concept for the video. Check it out! Here’s June by Cameras.

Shows Of The Week: 6/4 – 6/10

Here’s a new little column I’ve been wanting to post up for awhile. It’s short, sweet, and very to the point. Here you’ll find my favorite shows and artists playing in the greater Los Angeles area. You can bet I’ll be at a few, if not all, of them!

June 4 – The Colourist, Blondfire, Now Now, and Davis Fetter at The Bootleg Bar: I’ll admit it… I’m mostly excited to see Now, Now. I wrote about them back in April, and I’m SO excited to finally get to see them preform at such an intimate venue. They’ve been on some pretty big tours this year, so it’s definitely going to be special.

June 5 – Walk The Moon at The Echo: So excited about these guys… WONDERFUL melodies, and just so damn catchy. Again, it’s an incredibly intimate venue, and as these guys are on the fast track to blowing up soon I suggest taking the opportunity to see them while you can!

June 6 – States at The Glass House Pomona: I’m really excited to see my friend Stephen’s band play in Pomona this Wednesday. If you’re not familiar with States, its the birth child of Copeland and Mindy White of Lydia. Some of my favorite bands in high school, they’ve created a much more mature sound for a more mature audience.

June 8 – Maps and Atlases with Hands at The Troubadour: You’ve all heard of Maps and Atlases I’m sure… they’re always SO solid. But if you haven’t had a chance to check out Hands yet, I suggest you do it this Friday night.

Check out Hands’ music video for Warm Night Home below!

So there you have it! Check back next week for the SOTW column again. If I’m missing out on any AMAZING shows I should know about, leave me a comment and tell me about em!

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